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In moving forward and planning for future events both this year and next year, Her Highness, INC. is now accepting applications for positions on our Board of Directors, which include: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Program Adviser (CPA), Secretary, and Public Relations Representative. 

A brief detail of the position descriptions are as followed: 


- Chief Financial Officer (CFO): working with the Directors for all financial - related matters, including, but not limited to: fundraising, setting and collecting program fees, making a budget, maintaining the budget, applying for grants, banking, and using sound judgment to make decisions at the discretion and approval of the Directors. 

-Chief Program Adviser (CPA): overseeing general matters as they relate to non-profits and Her Highness, Inc. specifically.  The CPA has an umbrella position, requiring working with the Directors to make decisions (financial, program events and agenda, etc). This position may require working with other Board of Director members.

- Secretary: Recording minutes from meetings or conference calls, sending emails, working with the Directors to keep quality records.

- Public Relations Representative: managing reputation. It involves gaining understanding and support for clients, as well as trying to influence opinion and behavior. PR reps use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of their clients. These range from public bodies to social media. As previously mentioned, your duties include, but are not limited to: updating information online and on social media, serving as a contact for correspondence between Her Highness and outlets.

The positions are open for application by anyone. Eligibility for the leadership applicants simply include the desire to change the lives of adolescent girls. Leadership experience and/or experience in business and/or non-profit management is preferred, but not required. Applications are due by June 15, 2021. 



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