100% of participants "felt better about themselves & gained confidence after the 2019 Summer Extravaganza.

Meet our 2022 Her Highness"I Am Royalty" Scholarship Recipients




Cenniya Williams is a Thomas Academy (High School) of Lake Waccamaw, NC Class of 2022 Senior, who was active in the National Honor Society, Talent Search, Beta Club, STEM programming, INFUSE youth group, and Thomas Academy women's varsity basketball.  

She has career aspirations of becoming a lawyer, and later on, a judge. Cenniya states, "As a volunteer at the Columbus County Courthouse, I saw how cases were not fully observed and examined before a ruling was made. After experiencing this, I became even more passionate about my goals, aspiring to give back to those that didn't receive fair treatment. Cenniya is set to attend the illustrious North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC in the Fall of 2022.


Attending UNC-Asheville

Erin Presnell is a Class of 2022 Senior from Grimsley High School in Greensboro, NC. There, she participated as a Whirlies Anime club member, EmpowHER, DECA, Tri-M Music Honor Society, a Service learning ambassador, and the National Honor Society (NHS).


In the Fall of 2022, Erin will attend the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where she plans to major in Political Science. Erin notes that she wants to use her education to help others, and that she has career aspirations of becoming a Diplomat . She thinks Political Science can help her "bridge the gap between women (who currently only occupy 25% of national legislative involvement) and the world of political science", mentioning that she can use political science to "find sociopolitical, racial, and economic solutions to every day issues to make the world a better place."



Meet our 2021 Her Highness"I Am Royalty" Scholarship Recipients

Chloe Bailey

Received an "I Am Royalty" scholarship as an in-going freshman at Howard University, where she majors in Biology, with career aspirations of becoming a plastic surgeon. 


Arrianna Delgado

Received an "I Am Royalty" Scholarship as an in-going freshman at UNC-Wilmington, where she majors in Psychology, & has aspirations to become a lawyer. 


Chloe Bailey, accepting her scholarship award, pictured left. (Arrianna could not be with us). 

We are extremely, extremely proud of our 2021-2022 Her Highness Scholars and will continue to connect with them and support their endeavors towards higher education.  

Congratulations, ALL! 

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In all things, we seek to educate young women on issues concerning women, empower them with a network of resources, and elevate them to a higher standard of thinking, and ultimately, a higher standard of living!

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